About Us

We are a leading Kenyan well drilling business with extensive experiences in installing boreholes, equipping and maintaining water systems. We have earned an unrivalled reputation for the quality and dependability services it offers which is underpinned by a comprehensive in-house service.

Every borehole project is tailor made and installed to the unique requirements of the customer with emphasis on the use of sustainable resources and environmentally friendly borehole drilling practices.

We have invested in state of the art machinery, technology and technical training. The company leads with a modern fleet of drilling rigs and support equipment that are efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • Drilling Rigs
  • Support trucks
  • Test pumping unit (TPU)
  • Borehole camera
  • Elevated Tanks
  • Water purification system

Borehole Engineering Services maintains a fleet of the latest drilling rigs and engineering equipment in-house, enabling it to rapidly mobilize to meet client’s borehole specifications. The company ensures continuous investment in technology and equipment that ensures a safe and environmental friendly environment.

Our Equipment include;

  • Rotary drilling rigs
  • High capacity test pumping units
  • Borehole inspection equipment
  • Support machinery
  • Water purification system


We offer a complete borehole engineering service , satisfying our clients in a cost effective way across Kenya.

Our strong company values are reflected in our integrated quality environmental, safety and training systems.